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Team Ninja Warrior’s Charlie Andrews is close friends with American Ninja Warrior Josh Levin

Did Josh provide any advice MIT can use on the course when they face UConn?

On Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness, we’ll see MIT take on UConn. MIT team member Charlie Andrews is an accomplished climber and a respected athlete in his own right.

But we all know that a big advantage on any Ninja Warrior course is familiarity with the situation. Not just the obstacles, but staying calm and collected in front of the cameras and the audience.

Charlie and MIT might have a leg up in that department as Charlie is long time friends with American Ninja Warrior National Finalist Josh Levin.

Josh became a Ninja sensation in season eight as he was the only person to defeat the LA City Finals course. He made it all the way to Stage Two at the National Finals in his rookie season. Josh also raised awareness for organ donation, as his childhood climbing coach is awaiting a second double lung transplant.

Charlie and Josh have known each other for years as members of the US National Climbing Team. Josh made sure he was on deck as team MIT took the course for College Madness.

With their friendship, and Josh’s experience mastering the high pressure Ninja Warrior environment, MIT must be getting some great tips and advice to help them pull ahead of UConn.

We’ll see if they can put those ideas into practice on the course!