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American Ninja Warriors Jessie Graff and Natalie Duran get into the holiday spirit

Sammo Hog supervised them.

It’s a very Ninja Christmas at Jessie Graff’s house! Natalie Duran stopped by Jessie’s pad to help her set up some holiday decorations the only way they know how: By climbing all over everything.

Of course, Jessie’s pet pig Sammo Hog was involved in all the action.

They created a Christmas tree out of a sleeping bag and climbing carabiners.

Look at these happy little elves!

They ran out of lights, so a trip to CVS was in order. Please note that Sammo Hog wore her seatbelt. Safety first!

This looks like SO MUCH NINJA FUN.

You can check out more of Natalie Duran’s adventures on her YouTube page here.