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American Ninja Warriors like Jessie Graff are joining the Wolfpack Ninja Tour

The family event is a competition, health fair and chance to meet Ninjas in person.

What if almost all your favorite American Ninja Warriors got together and threw a big weekend Ninja party that you could go to? That’d be pretty cool, right?

The Wolfpack, Ninja training partners Meagan Martin, Ian Dory, Brian Arnold and Noah Kaufman, went ahead and set that up for us. They just announced the first stop on the Wolfpack Ninja Tour; Denver.

Let’s break this event down. It’s a pretty cool opportunity for any American Ninja Warrior fan.

The details:

  • April 29 and 30, 2017
  • Denver, CO
  • Magness Arena
  • Over $30,000 in cash prizes

The Wolfpack Ninja Tour is a chance for your family to meet some of the top American Ninja Warriors and watch them compete.

Here are just a few of the names:

  • Geoff Britten
  • Jessie Graff
  • Meagan Martin
  • Joe Moravsky
  • Brian Arnold
  • Flip Rodriguez

Jake Murray, Brian Arnold and Ian Dory shared all the details with us.

The weekend event will include:

  • Finals Night Pro Ninja Racing competition.
  • Qualify to compete against the biggest names in the Ninja sport
  • Pull-up, Hand-stand and Rope-climb competitions
  • Over 70 individual obstacle & fitness stations to test your skills – 35 youth ages 4 and up, and 35 Adult stations
  • Gear giveaways from event sponsors and the Wolfpack
  • Kids can sign up to take classes with the top Ninjas
  • Buff up your nutrition knowledge at the health fair

Let’s let Meagan Martin tell you all about it.

The Wolfpack is dedicated to fighting childhood obesity, which is one of the big motivators behind this event. Noah Kaufman, a doctor and member of the Wolfpack is passionate about creating healthy families.

Noah Kaufman talks Wolfpack Ninja Tour

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A portion of the proceeds from the event are going to charities that work to get kids healthy. You can learn more about the event and buy tickets here.