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Are these your top 20 American Ninja Warrior competitiors?

Do you agree with the rankings?

YouTube creator and Ninja Warrior super fan UniversalTuber dedicates his time to putting together thoughtful videos on American Ninja Warrior. Check out his top 10 obstacles video for an example. His most recent subject: The top 20 American Ninja Warrior competitors.

Back in October, we asked for your input to help UniversalTuber create the definitive list of Ninjas.

Without further ado, check out the final result above. Along with the ranking, you’ll also see quick stats for every Ninja included. Whether you’re new to Ninja Warrior fandom, or you’ve been around since the start, this video is a must watch to brush up on your Ninja facts.

20) Daniel Gil

19) Elet Hall

18) Jamie Rahn

17) Kevin Bull

16) Brian Orosco

15) Travis Rosen

14) James McGrath

13) Ryan Stratis

12) Ian Dory

11) David “Flip” Rodriguez

10) Paul Kasemir

9) Jessie Graff

8) David Campbell

7) Brent Steffensen

6) Joe Moravsky

5) Levi Meeuwenburg

4) Drew Drechsel

3) Brian Arnold

2) Isaac Caldiero

1) Geoff Britten

What do you think of UniversalTuber’s rankings? Agree? Disagree? Tell us in the comments.