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American Ninja Warriors share their favorite Thanksgiving food

Deep fried turkey, potatoes, bread. Yes please.

What American Ninja Warriors eat at Thanksgiving

Hey American Ninja Warriors, what's for Thanksgiving?

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Thursday, November 24, 2016

Even American Ninja Warriors know that Thanksgiving is a time to kick back with family and take part in the cherished tradition of stuffing yourself silly with food. Calories don’t count until Friday morning.

We asked some Ninja veterans what has to be on their Thanksgiving table. It gave us a little peek at what a Ninja Thanksgiving might look like.

Meagan Martin will be all over the bread basket. There should be lots and lots of potatoes: Mashed, sweet, and casserole styles, please. NinjaDoc Noah will supervise the deep drying of the turkey. Jake Murray might want a gecko, we’re not sure.