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American Ninja Warriors share the beautiful things they’re thankful for

Off the course, they still are enjoying every moment of their lives.

We know how thankful American Ninja Warriors are. The show always features their humility and love for the sport and their sportsmanship for each other. They have strength and health and they don’t take it for granted.

But that’s not all these Ninjas are thankful for. Check out these heartwarming moments of Ninjas paying tribute to the things in their lives that keep them happy.

Jessie Graff’s pet pig Sammo always gets the biggest laughs out of the National Finalist.

Welcome home, mom! I will find all of your food.

A video posted by Sammo Hog (@sammohog) on

Brian Arnold has one heck of a little helper in his daughter.

A photo posted by Brian Arnold (@brianarnold_anw) on

Geoff Britten’s little girl is his mini-me.

Growing up waaaaay to fast. #trouble

A photo posted by Geoff Britten (@geoffbritten) on

Tremayne Dortch has so much love and respect for his wife.

Flip Rodriguez is using his notoriety to inspire the youth.

Daniel Gil and his stunning fiancée will soon be celebrating their big day!

Ryan Stratis has a lot of excited little Ninjas on his hands.

Neil Craver found the perfect acro-yoga partner in his girlfriend.

Joe Moravksy is totally in love with his delightful family.

My beautiful family ❤️

A photo posted by Joe Moravsky (@ninjaweatherman) on

Jesse Labreck celebrates all the wonderful women in her life.

#wcw ❤️️ @a_sparkly_ninja with @repostapp @abeird @rookie_ninja_r So lucky to have you all in my life

A photo posted by Jesse Labreck (@flexlabreck) on

What are you thankful for this holiday season? We hope your Thanksgiving is full of love, friends and family!