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Matt Iseman wants to see your kid’s American Ninja Warrior obstacle designs

One teacher’s creative assignment is turning into a challenge for all little Ninjas!

Matt Iseman's Obstacle Shapes Challenge

Nai-post ni American Ninja Warrior Nation noong Martes, Nobyembre 22, 2016

A very creative first grade teacher, who also happens to love American Ninja Warrior, reached out tell us about an assignment she was going to give her class of six and seven year olds.

Her students have been learning about shapes and how they work in our environment around us. She was challenging her students to make American Ninja Warrior obstacles using the shapes they’ve learned.

Pretty awesome, right? We knew we had to help them out!

Host Matt Iseman himself recorded a video to introduce the assignment to the class.

Which got us thinking, we want to see ALL the obstacle designs! Sit down with your kids and help them design an American Ninja Warrior obstacle. Then, upload it to the comments below.

(You can upload the image directly, or post it on your social media and share a link in the comments.)

We’ll gather all the images together in a post to show Matt. He really wants to see what the littlest American Ninja Warrior fans come up with!