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Add an American Ninja Warrior challenge to your workout

No matter what level you’re at, there’s a Ninja challenge you can do.

Kevin Bull/Instagram

It’s not exactly a secret that American Ninja Warriors love a good challenge. That’s what the whole sport is about: Pushing yourself beyond what you thought was possible and defining the idea of your “limits.”

When they’re not on the course, the Ninjas still can’t resist their urge for a good challenge. This means there’s a wealth of awesome, Ninja-approved workout challenges you can try out.

If you’re feeling really hard-core, Ninjas like Drew Drechsel will give you something to aim for.

He loves to lay down the gauntlet for other athletes on his Instagram.

Nunchuck challenge 2.0. Enjoy and give it a try.. @universal_athlete

A video posted by Drew Drechsel *OFFICIAL PAGE* (@reallifeninja) on

Jamie Rahn is always game to give it a try.

This challenge just looks painful.

Coolest thing I've done in a few days. Any takers on this challenge?

A video posted by Drew Drechsel *OFFICIAL PAGE* (@reallifeninja) on

But Kevin Bull wasn’t intimidated.

@reallifeninja #challengeaccepted #ninjachallenge #kevinbull

A video posted by Kevin Bull (@kevin_the_bull) on

For those of us still working on full Ninja Warrior status, here are some challenges that we can all try out!

Ethan Swanson’s balance challenge looks like fun!

Try out this #ninjachallenge All you need are some 2x4's and a child's mind! Did I look silly doing this? Absolutely.

A video posted by Ethan Swanson ( on

Michelle Warnky’s challenge will help you build intense grip strength.

Ben Melick’s version of the monkey bars mixes up a traditional exercise.

Jennifer Tavernier’s workout will have your arms and abs burning.

Push-up drills Credit to @rgd.365 for the first move -sucked trying it with the other arm lol #minneninja #happyhalloween

A video posted by Jennifer Tavernier (@minneninja) on

Or you can take your workout in another direction and just give the mannequin challenge a try!

Ninja Mannequins #mannequinchallenge

A video posted by Thomas (gym owner ninja) (@neweraninjas) on

What’s your favorite Ninja challenge? Tell us here in the comments!