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Take a look at American Ninja Warrior Drew Drechsel’s impressive career stats

ANW Fantasy breaks down the Real Life Ninja’s numbers.

ANW Fantasy.Com

ANW Fantasy is dedicated to the numbers of American Ninja Warrior. The site hosts annual Fantasy Leagues for the show where you get to pick the Ninjas you think are going all the way.

Now, they’re also breaking down some of the stats from the top Ninja competitors. Up first is Drew Drechsel. The “Real Life Ninja” made it the farthest on season eight, falling from the Hang Climb on Stage Three of the National Finals.

You can check out Drew’s past performances on American Ninja Warrior at a glance on the image above. Study up and impress your friends with your endless obstacle knowledge!

Which Ninja’s stats do you want to see broken out like this? Tell us in the comments!