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American Ninja Warrior Roo Yori attended a seriously cute fundraiser for dogs in LA

The K9 Ninja rubbed elbows with celebrities on behalf of dogs in need.

American Ninja Warrior Roo Yori is not called the K9 Ninja because he sort of, kind of, likes dogs. He LOVES dogs (who can blame him?) and he’s made it his mission to raise awareness of dog rescue and adoption. In fact, Roo brought his pup Angus with him to his Indianapolis Qualifiers and City Finals run. Angus didn’t make the trip to Vegas for the National Finals, but you can check out Roo’s Stage One run here.

The Ninja Warrior popped out to LA for the Stand Up for Pits event in November. The night was full of celebrities, laughs, and really cute dogs.

Roo documented the event on his Instagram account and it looked awesome!

He spotted some familiar faces on his flight to LA.

He met Todd! This little guy went from being rescued from dogfighting to Instagram sensation.

He bumped into Alex Weber, host of the NBC digital series “Crashing the Course.

Actress Kaley Cuoco is a huge animal lover and hosted the event. Todd was less than impressed.

Even though Todd puts up a good front, he was clearly excited to meet the K9 Ninja. Here he is sporting the shirt that proves it.

The event was full of celebrities showing their love for pups!

Then Roo bumped into this very special little dude while exploring LA.

It looks like it was a pretty great trip, but it seems like Roo was sure missed back at home!

Cuz that looks comfortable... #k9ninja #adoptadog #pitbullsaredogstoo #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbull

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