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Harry Connick Jr challenged American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff to a race

It did not end well for Harry.

On the October 6 episode of the Harry Connick Jr show, ‘Harry,’ the illustrious host some how thought it was a good idea to challenge American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff to an obstacle course race.

First, he tried to intimidate her by saying he was going to win.

Jessie would not be riled and quickly took a lead through the traffic blockades.

Things were close through the hot dog cart push.

It almost looked like Harry was ahead through the tires.

But then Jessie tore through the cab crawl like lightening.

It was pretty much over for Harry after that. Jessie had time to do a nice spider climb.

She played around on the wall.

And even took a breather before she hit the buzzer.

Poor Harry. He never even knew what happened.

NEVER doubt Jessie Graff!