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Watch this guy tackle the world’s tallest Warped Wall

This Warped Wall at Conquer Ninja Warrior is 21 feet tall!

The Warped Wall is an iconic American Ninja Warrior obstacle. While it’s a classic, it still proves to be a formidable challenge.

We all know Ninjas love a good challenge, which means they love pushing the boundaries of the Warped Wall. The height of the wall on the show has been raised to 14 feet and six inches. That’s six inches taller than in the previous seasons.

At Conquer Ninja Warrior gym in Woodbury, MN, that just didn’t seem like enough. So they built the world’s tallest Warped Wall that is 21 feet high. That’s approximately the height of a two storey building.

But even that has been defeated! Ethan Suprenant of St. Petersburg, FL was the first person to make it to the top. Watch the incredible video above.

But we do have one question: How the heck do you get down from there?