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These American Ninja Warriors make great Halloween costumes

It’s surprisingly easy to attain the Ninja aesthetic.

David Becker/NBC

There are just a few scant days left before Halloween. The crush is on to create the perfect costume. Out of ideas? Short on time to tackle the crowds at the costume store? We’ve got you covered.

It’s surprisingly simple to transform into your favorite American Ninja Warrior. Here’s a couple ideas to get you started.

Jessie Graff

There’s two looks to choose from! You could go with the green top and skirt from her Stage One run at the National Finals.

Or get something Wonder Woman inspired to portray LA City Finals Jessie Graff.

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Now if you really want to put it over the top, bring your pet pig out with you.

Check out my #superhero moves.

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Jamie Rahn

Another distinctive costume choice is Jamie Rahn, also known as Captain America. It is a pretty complicated outfit to pull together at the last moment.

But start with a shiny blue body suit, cape and bright green hair and you’re well on your way.

Mike Bernardo

Mike Bernardo is also a great choice. First off, you’ll need to perfect this stance.

#MeatyMonday! Shout. Shout. Let it all out. #TrueNinjaTraining #americanninjawarrior #ninjawarrior #sasuke #powerup

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Add dark shorts, dark shirt, and a button up with ripped off sleeves and you’re almost there. You just need a some caution tape to use as a head band.

Matt Iseman

If you don’t feel like being asked to do Ninja moves all night, you could try Matt Iseman. Just grab a suit, blue dress shirt and a microphone. Make sure you get REALLY excited about everything around you.

Akbar Gbajabiamila

Get a grey suit, and a dress shirt in a fashionable color like pink or light purple. Scream “I SEE you!” at everyone and demand they keep their Ls.

WARNING: You’ll need to learn how to pronounce his last name correctly.

With the #Olympics opening ceremony in full swing, I want to wish Allyson Felix (@af85) gold luck.

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Geoff and Jessica Britten

Potential couple’s costume! The Ninja Brittens. Geoff and Jessica usually rock blue shirts, dark shorts, and large forearms.

You can also add a little flavor by recreating Geoff’s “I climbed Mt. Midoriyama and all I got was this shirt,” ensemble.

Isaac Caldiero

If you’re really in a rush, you can morph into Isaac Caldiero pretty quickly. Grab some dark shorts and draw on some mutton chops if you haven’t grown them already.

Just be warned this is look requires a strict “no shirt” policy.

There you have it, the perfect Ninja costume. Have a happy American Ninja Warrior Halloween!