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Watch these awesome American Ninja Warrior submission videos

These videos cut through the clutter to grab the producers’ attention

The Ninjas know it’s almost that time of the year again. The time when the call to arms arises to pledge to become an American Ninja Warrior.

News shared by executive producer Kent Weed confirm that the application process for season nine of the show will begin in the next few weeks. That means it’s time to get those submission videos in tip-top shape.

For season eight of the show, over 50,000 applications were submitted. That’s a LOT of videos for the producers to wade through. There is no doubt that your video has to stand out and it has to stand out fast to be considered.

We gathered up some fun, creative and eye catching past submission videos to help get your creative juices flowing.

Drew Drechsel highlighted the incredible process he was making on season after season of Ninja Warrior. And his cat. He highlighted his cat.

Kevin Mosley took us to a post-apocalyptic Ninja world with a spot on “I am Legend” tribute.

This is Kacy Catanzaro’s submission video for season six. This will become the season where she will be the first woman up the Warped Wall and the first woman to complete a City Finals course.

There’s a LOT going on in this submission from Reko Rivera. It boasts references to “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” “Star Wars, “The Matrix, Chuck Norris and a bunch of other pop culture gems.

Alan Connealy went on a quest to raise his “effable” ranking. It includes chest shaving, pole dancing, twerking, and a bubble bath scene that is arguably just a few moments too long for comfort.

Jake Murray created an almost shot by shot remake of one of the most famous dance scenes from “Footloose,” which went viral and even garnered support from Kevin Bacon.

Yes, EVERYONE needs to submit a video to be considered. Even Geoff Britten, after being the first person to ever complete all four stages of the National Finals in season seven, needed to make a video for season eight.

But here’s Geoff’s season six application, his first season on the show. He introduced the producers to his nickname “Popeye,” his very impressive forearms and highlighted his passion for his family.

Mike Bernardo was already an American Ninja Warrior veteran when he made this submission video. Not only does it showcase his past success, it perfectly combines the skills and lessons he’s gained from his job as a firefighter with the traits needed to be a Ninja Warrior.

Kevin Bull used his launch pad as a successful walk-on Ninja in season six to remind the producers that he deserves a secured spot. He also took the opportunity to show off his personality, giving himself a little jab at his fall from the Silk Slider the previous season.

Joe Moravsky played up his weather man profession, his past success on the show, and his singular focus to become an American Ninja Warrior. It was all about reminding us that his fans were expecting to see his next great performance.

Know of any other awesome American Ninja Warrior submissions out there? Leave the link in the comments below!