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American Ninja Warriors took on the Titan of Texas Challenge

Some of the biggest names on the show went after the prize money.

Maggi Thorne/Instagram

Basically every American Ninja Warrior ever was at the Texas State Fair for the Titan of Texas Challenge the weekend of October 22. The Ninja-style competition boasted over $15,000 in total prize money.

Ninjas took on six obstacles and aimed for the fastest time. Drew Drechsel took first place in the men’s division. Barclay Stockett was the female champion.

Check out some of the great runs below and see how much fun they all managed to have!

There were SO MANY Ninjas.

Daniel Gil’s run

Kevin Bull’s run

Joe Moravsky’s run

Grant McCartney’s run

Got a little hung up on my #titanoftexaschallenge run tonight but still had a blast! #islandNinja #nissan #nissanyearofthetruck

A video posted by Grant Mccartney #IslandNinja (@grant.mccartney) on

Scott Willson’s run

Nate Burkhalter’s run

Karsten William’s run

Sean Bryan’s run

But it wasn’t all hard work. The Ninjas spent time together.

Ninjas from all over hanging out in Texas eating some grub before heading home. #titanoftexaschallenge #ninjawarrior

A photo posted by Trevor Parks (@ninjabiohacker) on

Caught up with old friends.

And of course, enjoyed the Texas State Fair!

Congratulations to everyone who competed!