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Little Ninja Lylah and American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff tackled the Harry Connick Jr. show

With Jessie Graff as a coach, Lylah is unstoppable!

5-Year Old Ninja Warrior

This 5-year old #AmericanNinjaWarrior is ready to take me down! #HarryTV

Posted by Harry Connick Jr on Friday, October 21, 2016

Little Ninja Lylah showed the whole world her skills when her dad built her the ultimate backyard American Ninja Warrior course. The world was impressed.

Lylah showed off her talents again when she appeared on the Harry Connick Jr. show. This time, Ninja Warrior legend Jessie Graff was on hand to offer her coaching advice.

Wearing a super cool helmet, Lylah once again ran, jumped and swung her way to the buzzer. Can we just get her on the full size American Ninja Warrior course already?!?