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American Ninja Warrior is not just a show for this family

One mom shares the profound effect the show has had on her young son.

We asked fans why they love American Ninja Warrior. Lissa O'Donnell's response said it all.

Here is her full quote:

"When my son was 5, we realized that he struggled with confidence and anxiety more than the average child. He was unwilling to try anything new if he didn’t think he would be successful at it the first time, and anything he would try, if he failed, it was the worst meltdowns you could possibly imagine and you could not console him.

However, he started watching American Ninja Warrior one weekend with his grandparents while there was a marathon going on. He was instantly hooked. He thought all of the ninjas were amazing people and he wanted to be just like them. From that day, he changed almost over night. He started doing Ninja Warrior stuff on the playground during recess at school, and day by day his confidence grew and grew and grew.

He is still uneasy to try new things unless those new things are Ninja Warrior related or will help him in some way, shape, or form, to become a future Ninja Warrior. He started taking parkour class and now at 7 will create a Ninja Warrior course where ever he goes.

The joy that shows on his face when he accomplishes a new obstacle or is able to do a move exactly the way his hero Flip Rodriguez does it, makes me the happiest Mom in the world and I will continue to love how much he loves Ninja Warrior and how much it has done for increasing his confidence and easing his anxiety."

American Ninja Warrior is so much more than just a show for so many families!