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American Ninja Warriors storm the OCR World Championships

You can’t talk about obstacle courses without the Ninjas showing up.

OCR World Championships/Facebook

Jamie Rahn, Michelle Warnkey, Mack Roesch and Maggi Thorne are just a few of the American Ninja Warrior names that took on the OCR World Championships at Blue Mountains in Canada.

Over October 14-16, the world’s best obstacle course racers gathered for some of the most grueling challenges in the world. Needless to say, American Ninja Warriors were up for the task.

In order to even get to the OCR World Championships, competitors needed to qualify within the last year. This means they needed to compete in a qualifying race, and finish in the top field that was determined to be allowed to move on. The qualifying fields vary by race, so you can check out the criteria here.

The unofficial results are currently available here.

Official results will be posted on the OCR World Championship website soon.

Congratulations to all who participated!