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American Ninja Warrior Jesse Labreck takes first place at the Gravity Forge National Ninja League Qualifier

We saw the women dominate during the season and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

The National Ninja League is well underway! This league organizes Ninja competitions all around the country. It’s where you’ll find many of your favorite American Ninja Warriors in the off-season from the show.

The latest competition took place October 8 and 9 at The Gravity Forge in Hatboro, PA. It was a brutal course that only one Ninja was able to complete.

That Ninja was Jesse ‘Flex’ Labreck.

Jesse beat out other American Ninja Warrior National Finalists like Najee Richardson to take first place overall at the competition. As one of only three female Ninjas to qualify for the National Finals this season (with Jessie Graff and Meagan Martin), this continues the streak of female Ninjas competing equally as well, or better than, the male competitiors.

Jesse caught our attention and our hearts this season with her awesome runs in Philadelphia. She is currently the only female Ninja to qualify for the National Finals in her rookie season. Aside from her physical strength, the special bond that she shares with Emeline, the young woman with cerebral palsy that Jesse serves as a caretaker for, impressed us all.

Check out her impressive run at Gravity Forge above.

Chris Wilczewski, Ninja Warrior and president of the National Ninja League, interviewed Jesse after her run.

Men’s results

First place: Tim Dexter

Second place: Najee Richardson

Third place: Michael Ravert

Women’s results

First place: Jesse Labreck

Second place: Jane G.

Third place: Kim Wienches

You can watch the full recap here: