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Roo Yori's American Ninja Warrior National Finals run

The K9 Ninja capped off his strong season with this run at Stage One.

Roo Yori used his time on American Ninja Warrior this season to raise awareness for dog adoption.

In both the Indianapolis Qualifiers and City Finals, Roo brought along his long time companion, Angus. Having Angus appear on TV even brought him together with his long lost pup brother.

Roo just slipped into the 15th spot at the Indianapolis City Finals, securing his spot in Vegas. His run was not shown on TV, but we secured it exclusively for the American Ninja Warrior Nation fans.

Roo had a strong run, and did not fall victim to the Giant Log Grip that took out so many Ninja veterans. However, it was his launch into the Jumping Spider that caused his demise.

Awesome season, Roo! We hope to see you and Angus back for season nine!