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Make the most of a live taping with advice from fellow fans

There are some things you’ll want to be ready for.

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American Ninja Warrior Junior: Full results of episode 14

These athletes live and breath Ninja Warrior.

UNAA will send top competitors to the Ninja OCR World Championships in Russia

The top two men and women from the UNAA World Championships will qualify for Team USA.

Akbar ate the ‘world’s hottest chocolate bar’ and it went SUPER

Well, how did he think this was going to go?

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American Ninja Warrior nominated for a Kids’ Choice Award

You can vote as many times as you like before March 23.

American Ninja Warrior returns on May 29 for season 11

The show will return on a Wednesday before returning to its usual Monday slot.

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A brief history of Ninja Warrior’s diminishing first obstacle

The Shrinking Steps are the latest in a trend of downsizing obstacle one.

Get ready, Oklahoma City Ninjas!

The calls for the third region have begun.

Vote on Matt and Akbar’s celebrity mash-up name

They’ve been waiting on this since season five!

American Ninja Warrior Junior: Full results of episode 13

The Qualifiers charged ahead with another exciting week of races.

10 runs by female Ninja Warriors that inspire us for International Women’s Day

This is just a very small sampling of some great runs.

What do you think of the new first obstacle of the Qualifying course?

Matt and Akbar introduced the Shrinking Steps in the Facebook Live session with Zuri Hall.

Meet Zuri Hall, American Ninja Warrior’s new sideline reporter

She’s an experienced host and she’s ready to be part of the family.

Last call for season 11 predictions!

The LA taping kicks off tonight. So share your thoughts now!

The Mega Wall rules are changing. How would you alter them?

Six Ninjas beat the 18-foot wall in season 10.

American Ninja Warrior: Season 11 locations and taping dates

For the first time ever, the show is heading to the Pacific Northwest!

Looking back on all of the Last Ninjas Standing of Las Vegas

The National Finals return to Las Vegas for the eighth time this year.

American Ninja Warrior introduces a new walk-on format for season 11

Weeks and weeks of waiting in line is a thing of past.

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How would Alex Honnold from the movie "Free Solo" do on ANW?

These young athletes might have stolen the show at the NNL World Championships

Bella Palmer and Ethan Bartnicki had the crowd roaring with their runs.

Cincinnati will host American Ninja Warrior for the first time

The show will tape downtown May 24-15.

Ninja Warriors and hosts surprised a deserving young super fan

Joshua’s special day was organized by Make-A-Wish in Colorado.

Ninja Warrior calls in the Atlanta competitors

The second region is filling its contestant roster.

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Ninja Warrior by the Numbers: 10 Seasons of data for the National Finals

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Ninja Warrior By the Numbers: 10 seasons of means a lot of changes for City Finals!

Ninja Warrior Junior picked up for second season, opens casting

Ninjas between the ages of 9-14 can apply right now!

Ninja Warrior will return to Baltimore for the first time since season five

The show will set up in Rash Field April 28-29.

The show will return to its season eight location in Oklahoma City

The State Capitol Building will be the backdrop once again.

Ninja Warrior returns to Atlanta with a new home

The show was last in the city for season eight.

Ninja Warrior will record indoors for the first time ever in Seattle/Tacoma

The show will film in the Tacoma Dome, May 11-12.

Ninja Warrior Junior’s hosts talk sportsmanship, competition, and what’s on deck

Laurie, Matt, and Akbar show their genuine enthusiasm for the show’s return.

Ninja Warrior nominated for four Reality TV Awards

A. Smith and Co. has 12 nominations total.

Look back at season 10

From the fans

Legendary Runs

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 1-4

Walk through the early seasons with the executive producers.

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 5-7

The executive producers reflect back on two of the biggest moments in ANW history.

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 8-10

The team behind the show talk about the latest generation of competitors and ANW’s future.


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