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Joe Moravsky wants you to keep an eye on this Ninja Warrior prospect

Emmett completed an 18-foot Warped Wall just two weeks after turning 16.

Karsten Williams brings his Ninja Warrior passion to new Frisco gym

The Ninja Nation location will open on October 13.

Welcome to the world of American Ninja Warrior Junior

We stopped by the set to bring you the behind-the-scenes hints on what to expect.

Some of the best Ninja things that happened off-screen this season

While we focused on the episodes, the Ninjas were still hard at work competing.

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What was the most emotional run of season 10?

Admit it, you cried at least once this season.

Watch season 10 full episodes: All your options

Missed an episode? Just need to see it again? We’ve got you covered.

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Zach Day, season 10’s youngest rookie, reflects on his year

His debut season was physically strong and emotionally trying.

Look back at season 10: The National Finals

Season 10 closed with some incredibly difficult new obstacles.

Watch Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez run the course with Barclay Stockett

Laurie is the sideline host of the new show, American Ninja Warrior Junior.

Look back at season 10: The Minneapolis course

The last stop on the qualifying tour.

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Look back at season 10: The Philadelphia course

The city delivered great moments in Qualifiers and City Finals.

Look back at season 10: The Indianapolis course

Cane Lane wasn’t playing nice.

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Should there be a whole Ninja Warrior channel?

One fan shares their thoughts on more Ninja Warrior programming.

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American Ninja Warrior 10 Finale: My Recap Obstacle by Obstacle

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Season 10 ANWFantasy Results

How did your favorite Ninjas rank this season?

Look back at season 10: The Miami course

The City Finals course was so tough that only three Ninjas reached the buzzer.

Look back at season 10: The Los Angeles course

The city featured nine finishers and some extra dinosaurs.

Look back at season 10: The Dallas course

We saw the Mega Wall conquered for the first time.

American Ninja Warrior finale: Full results and all competitors

Stages Two and Three were a masterclass in pain.

Jesse Labreck: ‘This is what Ninja is. Falling, getting back up’

Her Stage One run closed her Season 10 as the farthest advancing woman and as a top Ninja once more.

Drew Drechsel takes us through every step of the National Finals courses

We spoke with the Real Life Ninja 24 hours after his Stage Three run.

With her busy life, Meagan Martin is still a top competitor

She felt a little unprepared, but her performances said otherwise.

National Finals finale recap: Season 10 closes with monster courses

The Ninjas gave it absolutely everything they had.

Sean Bryan calls season 10 a ‘huge learning experience’

The Papal Ninja spoke with us about what those National Finals courses were like.

Look back at season 10

Ninja Warrior debuts its first underwater obstacle

World, meet Water Walls.

Who does Apple call in a crisis? A Ninja Warrior, duh

They tapped Cassie Craig to save their presentation.

Ninja Warrior’s crew and competitors share their favorite moments

They shared their thoughts with Allyson Felix for Ninja Warrior Weekly.

Daniel Gil had a lot to celebrate this season

Three buzzers and $10k. That’s a lot to smile about.

Jamie Rahn gave us superhero moments at the National Finals

His season ended with the difficult Wingnut Alley.

Stage Two’s ‘Deja Vu’ is the ANW Obstacle Design Challenge Winner

It was submitted by Ninja and Wingnuts creator, Kevin Carbone.

Watch Marshmello run Stage One

He’s got some serious Ninja skills!

From the fans

Legendary Runs

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 1-4

Walk through the early seasons with the executive producers.

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 5-7

The executive producers reflect back on two of the biggest moments in ANW history.

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 8-10

The team behind the show talk about the latest generation of competitors and ANW’s future.