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The Titan Games recap: The Western Region reveals its champions

The region has found some reliable Titans to send to the championship later in the year.

The greatest buzzers in history: Season eight’s winner

Jessie’s moment came out on top.

What if there was an American Ninja Warrior waterpark?

Here are some of the obstacles you’d want to play on.

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Ryan Stratis candidly discussed his decision to step back from Ninja Warrior this season

It’s not a retirement, but the OG Ninja is taking some time for himself.

The greatest buzzers in history: Season 11 - The final round

Brian, Drew, or Drew?

The greatest buzzers in history: Season seven’s winner

It’s Sam Sann’s run!

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Jessie Graff shared a ‘subtle’ workout with The Titan Games

You could pull off this workout almost anywhere.

The Titan Games recap: Mount Olympus stays strong in the West

Here are the results of part three of the West’s competition.

Ninja Warrior creator Kent Weed believes failure is the precursor to success

"When more & more people share the stories of how they became successful, we realize we’re all the same. No one gets there unscathed."

Ninjas celebrate Pride Month & create Queer Ninjas Unite

The Ninja community is known for being welcoming of everyone!

Ninja Warrior and NinjaBabe founder Cara Poalillo is engaged!

Congrats to Cara and Kyle!

The greatest buzzers in history: Season nine - The final round

Allyssa Beird or Joe Moravsky?

Ninjas tackle tough issues through meaningful conversation

Jessie Graff is joining in on one of those conversations tonight.

Ninja Warrior Sean Darling-Hammond hosted a sharp and insightful Instagram takeover

His videos and live stream are worth the watch.

The greatest buzzers in history: Season eight - The Final Round

It’s down to Jessie and Drew.

The greatest buzzers in history: Season seven - The final round

Sam Sann or Geoff Britten?

American Ninja Warrior Junior and The Titan Games win 2020 Reality TV Awards

A. Smith and Co. claimed five wins.

The greatest buzzers in history: Season six winner and bonus round

One more poll? Sure! Why not?

The greatest buzzers in history: Season five’s winning run

The Last Ninja Standing is the last run standing.

The West Region’s current Titans weigh in on their trips to the top

Noah Palicia and Margaux Alvarez reflect on their experience on The Titan Games.

The Titan Games recap: West Region’s new challengers battled their hearts out

Their motivations went much deeper than just the glory of the Titan title.

The greatest buzzers in history: Season 11 - The semi-finals

Yup! We’re STILL at it!

Ninja-dads and dads of Ninjas celebrated Father’s Day

Sunday, June 21 was Father’s Day in the United States and Ninjas around the country celebrated by having fun with their families.

American Ninja Warrior Najee Richardson shared a powerful video

Please watch.

The greatest buzzers in history: Season 10 - The semi-finals

The final four runs remain.

Jessie Graff reflects on her Titan Games debut: ‘You can’t let that feeling of ‘can’t’ hold you back.’

The games tested her skills in a brand new way, but Jessie is ready to learn from the experience.

The greatest buzzers in history: Season nine - The semi-finals

Will Drew Drechsel’s or Allyssa Beird’s run make the final round?

Drew Drechsel’s baby boy has adorable Ninja Warrior skills

No surprise there!

The Titan Games recap: West Region challengers upend Mount Olympus

Part one of the West Region’s competition, featuring Jessie Graff and Victor Cruz.

Watch Jessie Graff’s debut match up on The Titan Games

She faced Kelly Valdez on Mount Olympus.

Craving competition? Watch this epic Titan Games match up between brothers

There was zero quit in either brother.

The greatest buzzers in history: Season eight - The semi finals

Which of Jessie Graff’s runs will face Drew Drechsel in the final round?

Check out the backyard gyms keeping the Junior Ninja Warriors ready for anything

Check out these backyard training courses for some Ninja inspo!

American Ninja Warrior Junior season two: Championship results

The epic second season comes to a close.

The Titan Games: Season Two’s Regional Champions

Here are the winners of each region, as they are revealed.

Junior Ninjas have some pretty amazing skills off the course too

Between Ninja training sessions, they have some very cool hobbies.

Matt Chan unseats Joe Thomas to become a Central Region Champion on The Titan Games

"...the Titan Games only crowns one Titan Champion and that is my sole focus moving forward."

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