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Kaden Lebsack’s Stage Three win declared the ‘best buzzer’ of the National Finals

This makes perfect sense.

“Best buzzer” of season 13: National Finals championship

It’s down to two incredible runs.

‘Best buzzer’ of season 13: National Finals round four

Kaden? Vance? Jake?

‘Best buzzer’ of season 13: National Finals round three

Get your votes in! Things are moving quickly.

The top 10 most-watched Ninja Warrior videos on YouTube

Jessie Graff has three of the top five spots.

Just a bunch of examples that prove Ninjas are part of the Spider-Verse

Get on this, Marvel!

Season 13’s top five devastating moments

Sorry, but this might ruin your day.

Ninja Warrior’s throwback runs bring back some great memories

Take a little trip down memory lane.

Ninja Warrior news round-up: Four things to know - December 16, 2021

Only two weeks till the end of the year!

Best buzzer of season 13: National Finals round two

16 Ninjas remain in the running.

Jesse Labreck had the ‘best buzzer’ of the Semifinals

Her run came out on top after five rounds of voting.

‘Best buzzer’ of season 13: National Finals round one

32 buzzers took place in Las Vegas.

The Semifinals had one obstacle that viewers hated

The grades don’t lie!

Five ways to pass the time while waiting for the season 14 casting calls

You sent in the application. Now what?

Congratulations to American Ninja Warrior Junior’s season three champions!

All episodes of ANW Jr season three are now available on Peacock.

Send in your season 14 application right now

The deadline is imminent.

Neighborhood Ninjas has a crucial mission: Make the sport accessible and safe for the youngest athletes

Through sponsorships and a mentorship program, Neighborhood Ninjas looks to create a community united by care and connection.

Season three of American Ninja Warrior Junior reaches its thrilling conclusion

The final episode of season three lands on Peacock on Thursday, December 9.

Grade the Semifinals obstacles

20 more polls! How will these obstacles hold up under scrutiny?

‘Best buzzer’ of season 13: Semifinals championship

Jesse Labreck or Amir Malik?

Fans gave the Qualifying obstacles top-notch grades

The Mega Wall scored an incredible A+.

American Ninja Warrior nicknames

Well, at least all of the nicknames we can think of.

Shopping for a Ninja Warrior fan? We’ve got you covered.

These Ninja Warrior items will make any fan smile this holiday season.

Grade the Qualifying obstacles

What did you think of the 18 obstacles used during the Qualifiers?

12 episodes that will make anyone a Ninja Warrior fan

Readers suggested episode that will hook new viewers in a heartbeat.

‘Best buzzer’ of season 13: Semifinals round four

Only four buzzers remain in the running.

Colorado Springs would love to host American Ninja Warrior

The passionate fan community flooded our just-for-fun poll.

Five things we’re thankful for about our readers

This site wouldn’t be what it is without all of YOU.

Three Ninja Warrior episodes to watch with the whole family while the turkey cooks

The show is perfect for multi-generational gatherings.

Stage Four rounds out the National Finals report card with an A-

Readers voted on both the rope climb and the time limit.

Stage One of the National Finals earns a B+ from the fans

These report cards are nothing to hide from mom!

Stage Three scored a strong A- from the readers

Seems like the reviews were mostly positive!

Grade Stage Four of the National Finals

The stage consists of one iconic obstacle. But is it awesome?

Six Ninja Warrior submission examples from veterans and rookies

Get inspired to make your video the best it can be!

Grade Stage Three of the National Finals

A, F, or something in between?

7 tips for a successful application from the head of American Ninja Warrior’s casting team

Angelou Deign, the head of A. Deign and Co., shared how to stand out from the thousands of applications her team sorts through.

A. Smith & Co. Chairman Arthur Smith discussed the Ninja Warrior teen invasion: ‘We said now is the time.’

The Chairman of A. Smith & Co. Productions and Executive Producer of American Ninja Warrior Junior and American Ninja Warrior gave us his perspective on the evolution of the sport.