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Power Tower changes gameplay with pass to National Finals and a chance to re-do a stage

Ninjas can now race for a pass to the National Finals and a chance to re-do Stage One or Two.

The Mega Wall returns, but with significant new rules

Ninjas will need to weigh the pros and cons to make their decision.

Here are the 2019 All Stars team competition rosters

Matt, Akbar, and Kristine’s picks are on point!

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Take a short peek at what we can expect from the Los Angeles Qualifiers

Entertainment Weekly’s exclusive video introduces one of the new competitors.

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Second Street in Cincinnati starts its Ninja Warrior transformation

The show will record there Friday and Saturday nights.

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All Stars skills competition will feature six dramatic challenges

This is going to be good.

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There are just two weeks left until season 11 of Ninja Warrior

Here are a few ways to pass the time until the premiere on May 29.

We don’t want to laugh at this video of Matt Iseman falling, but we can’t help it

He’s okay! That’s the most important part.

Ninja Warrior took a gamble in Seattle/Tacoma and it paid off

We’re pretty sure the new setup was a hit.

Akbar and the Ninjas might be in your neighborhood this week

He’s cross-crossing the country to promote his new book.

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ALL IN: My journey to win the Walk On Lottery

Michael Poston shares his experience of entering the walk-on lottery in four different cities.

Season 11 Changes!!

Big changes are coming according to this promo!!

Ninjas appreciate their moms!

Yesterday was dedicated to all the moms.

Geoff Britten is back for more buzzers.

Geoff recently shared training tips and fun facts on The Ninja Dads podcast.

We’re starting to get word on some of Tacoma’s lucky walk-on lottery winners!

And it turns out that "Brian" was a really lucky name to have!

Lance Pekus, Geoff Britten, Jessie Graff, & Nick Hanson are among the Ninja greats filming in Tacoma this weekend

While there are many new factors heading into Tacoma, there will still be plenty of Ninja greats from seasons past

Ryan Rowland-Smith prepares to be Ninja Warrior’s first MLB player

The pitcher and analyst spoke with us about getting ready for the course.

Barbados Ninja Throwdown 2019

Tiana Webberley & Adam Rayl competed in the Caribbean on May 11th.

Akbar reveals a whole other side of himself in this audio interview

The Ninja Warrior host got candid while discussing his new book.

Ninjas know how to capture the moment

Is your Instagram feed filled with stunning Ninja photography? Ours is!

How would you change the walk-on line process?

Share your thoughts on an ideal walk-on line situation.

Reigning Jeopardy! champion James Holzhauer takes Ninja Warrior classes

Between learning everything ever about the world, he gets on the obstacles.

FanPost Friday: Which current Mariner would fare best on American Ninja Warrior?

Ryan Rowland-Smith is gonna do the dang thing!

5 Ninja Warrior runs to watch if you’re trying to recover from ‘Game of Thrones’

Don’t deny us our feelings.

Exploring the pros and cons of taping Ninja Warrior indoors

We think through some various aspects of the Tacoma Dome location.

Ninja Warrior reveals new art one month before season premiere

Season 11 debuts on Wednesday, May 29, on NBC.

10 common Ninja Warrior questions answered (as best I can)

We get a lot of messages, so let’s clear a few things up.

Happy birthday, Akbar!

The Ninja Warrior host turns 40 today.

American Ninja Warrior returns on May 29 for season 11

The show will return on a Wednesday before returning to its usual Monday slot.

Meet Zuri Hall, American Ninja Warrior’s new sideline reporter

She’s an experienced host and she’s ready to be part of the family.

American Ninja Warrior: Season 11 locations and taping dates

For the first time ever, the show is heading to the Pacific Northwest!

Look back at season 10

From the fans

Legendary Runs

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 1-4

Walk through the early seasons with the executive producers.

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 5-7

The executive producers reflect back on two of the biggest moments in ANW history.

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 8-10

The team behind the show talk about the latest generation of competitors and ANW’s future.


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