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8 things we learned about what it takes to bring Ninja Warrior’s crew together

Travel manager Nicole Christo brings the crew together in each city.

American Ninja Warrior Junior: Season two premiere results

The first episode brought a new format and the same exciting action.

‘Broadcasting & Cable Magazine’ has named Arthur Smith ‘Producer of the Year’

Smith has been an Executive Producer on American Ninja Warrior since its second season

What changes do you expect from the new season of American Ninja Warrior?

Take a guess before taping starts in one month.

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American Ninja Warrior is nominated for a 2020 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award

This is the show’s fourth nomination.

Watch the season two premiere of American Ninja Warrior Junior and get to know sideline host Victoria Arlen

Victoria brings her deep understanding of competition and determination to the show.

The Latest

Guess how many people it takes to make American Ninja Warrior

It takes a lot of hard work from a lot of people to bring the episodes together.

Here’s an update on the 2020 walk-on line process

The lottery is back.

American Ninja Warrior is the most love-filled show on TV

It’s the ultimate Valentine’s Day programming.

My abs hurt just watching Jesse Labreck pull off this “fun” exercise

Well, that’s one way to celebrate a birthday.

This story of how the community helped Seth Rogers become a Ninja is just the best

He’d go on to have one the strongest rookie seasons ever on American Ninja Warrior

Parents, how did your little Ninjas get started?

What’s the first step to becoming a Ninja Warrior?

We need your help updating the list of Ninja Warrior nicknames

Oh, there are a lot of names that need to get added to this!

Vote: Which Oscar nominee would make the best American Ninja Warrior?

They can act. But can they Ninja?

In a season of change, LA will offer a taste of the familiar

This season, it’s the only qualifying location that follows the format we’re familiar with.

Check out Ninja Warrior’s Washington, D.C. home

The show will set up within the DC Armory this April.

American Ninja Warrior’s past and future with St. Louis

The show last visited the city in 2014.

Here’s why American Ninja Warrior’s taping schedule is different this year

An explainer on the big changes from other seasons.

Los Angeles region calls in a strong roster of Ninja Warriors

Here’s a handful of the competitors running the course in LA this year.

Season 12’s casting calls have officially begun!

Ninjas, grab those phones!

What do you want to know about American Ninja Warrior and its competitors?

Help us shape the interviews for the upcoming season!

Matt Iseman rallies the Ninja Warrior community for one young fan

Phoenix Ellis needs our support.

Akbar singing “Old Town Road” is just what your day needed

He committed to this performance in Miami!

Hunter Guerard is pretty much a real life video game character

His Ninja skills are super human!

Watch Karsten Williams run Stage Two in USA vs. the World

The Big Kat made us proud!

The Ninjas are training hard as season 12 approaches

Preparing for an unknown obstacle course is no easy task!

Daniel Gil made a big save early in Stage Two of USA vs. the World

Athlete Warrior Games held national finals event in Plymouth, Michigan, last weekend

We spy Phillip Scott and Devin Harrelson on that podium!

Australia Team Captain Olivia Vivian shows why she’s a top Ninja on USA vs. the World

She flew through Stage One this year!

Michael Torres flew through Stage One in USA vs. the World

We knew he was fast, but wow!

Watch Jesse Labreck destroy Stage One in USA vs. the World

She finally took down the cargo net to complete a stage that has given her trouble for three seasons of ANW!

75-feet turned the USA vs The World competition on its head

Team USA led in points through the night.

Team Australia’s captain, Olivia Vivian, reflects on the twists of USA vs The World

Olivia led her team to victory with a smart strategy.

Adam Rayl on the USA vs The World competition: ‘I had to give it everything I had’

He took on the daunting task of challenging Australia during the final stage.

Ninja Warrior Champion Drew Drechsel is back on Stage Three

Only he and Daniel Gil defeated the course in season 11.

Get to Know the Ninja Warriors of Team Europe

These Ninjas have done everything from Cirque du Soliel to Freeride Skiing to being the lead singer in a band.

Cities announced for season 12 of American Ninja Warrior!

Filming will start this spring!

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