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Oklahoma City Qualifiers recap: A little bit of leaderboard deja vu

Some consistently quick Ninjas launched themselves to the top once again.

Quest O’Neal is the guest of honor on the latest American Ninja Warrior podcast.

The second ANW podcast of the season is out, and Nikki Lee dishes up plenty of inspiration from the perspective of Season 10 breakout star, Quest O’Neal.

Season 11 Oklahoma City Qualifiers: Full results and all competitors

Diving Boards and water... there’s a connection to be made.

Season 11 Oklahoma City Qualifiers: Who’s moving on to the City Finals

31 Ninjas will compete in the next round in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City photos offer a sneak peek of the Oklahoma City athletes & obstacles

Get ready for Oklahoma City action tonight on NBC at 8pm EST.

American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Design Challenge

You could see your design come to life and head to Universal Studios Hollywood to experience the new epic adventure Jurassic World - The Ride.

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Matt and Akbar are not pulling any punches on ‘Lip Sync Battle’

Please stay friends after this!

There’s even more Ninja Warrior action on SnapChat this season

An exclusive competition will place two Ninjas on the big course later this year.

Travis Rosen showed us, ‘when unexpected, horrible circumstances happen, you can still bounce back.’

His return to the course after a terrible injury was like something out of a dream.

Programming note: No new Ninja Warrior this week, returns Monday June 17

The show also moves to Mondays starting on June 17.

Jessica Clayton proved her mantra, ‘I’m capable. I’m powerful’

Her Atlanta Qualifying run was a gusty show of determination.

American Ninja Warrior wins “Feel Good Show” at Reality TV Awards

Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila accepted the award.

Ryan Stratis claimed a second trip to the top of the Mega Wall

The 11-time competitor is the first to achieve the accomplishment.

Drew Drechsel is about to be the Real Life Dad

April Beckner and Drew Drechsel are expecting their first baby in December.

American Ninja Warrior debuts second season of podcast with guest Roo Yori

The podcast will be hosted this season by Nikki Lee, editor of ANW Nation.

Was Drew Drechsel hunting for the Power Tower? Maybe yes, maybe no.

He always aims for a great run. This time there just happened to be an additional prize.

Atlanta Qualifiers recap: It looks like some Ninjas can have it all

The Ninjas just couldn’t stop smashing through their goals in Atlanta.

Season 11 Atlanta Qualifiers: Who’s moving on to the City Finals

It was a heated race for the top of the leaderboard.

Mindy Hylton and Glenn Davis inspired at the Atlanta Qualifiers

They were Atlanta crowd favorites.

Watch Casey Suchocki’s painful but determined Atlanta Qualifying run

After injuring his knee, Casey has to dig deep to stay focused.

Season 11 Atlanta Qualifiers: Full results and all competitors

It was a good night, but the course still had a bite to it.

Atlanta photos tease new obstacles and returning Ninjas

Just a little something to look at while we wait for the episode.

Atlanta Qualifiers featured four-legged Ninjas!

The eager pups stepped up to the doggie Warped Wall.

American Ninja Warrior wins Critics’ Choice Real TV Award

The show won in the category of Best Sports Show.

Brian Burk and David Alvarez owned the course and our hearts in LA

After hooking our feelings, they became two of the first finishers of season 11!

The first Mega Wall of the season was also Scott Willson’s first buzzer

He might use the $10k for an army of penguins. Who knows.

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Power Tower Predictions

Alex Weber crashed the course in Los Angeles

The host of the digital series returned as a genuine competitor.

Hunter Guerard on growing up with the military and the wild ride that led him to Ninja

Known as "The Lizard" on the show, Hunter gives us a look at his many, many different sides.

David Campbell returned for his 11th season healthier than he’s been in years

He took the time this year to really understand what has been affecting his health.

Los Angeles Qualifiers recap: New changes are already shaping season 11

Surprises abound, be them both good and not so good.

Kevin Bull on what brought him back for his sixth season

The veteran isn’t going to give up on his goals.

Season 11 Los Angeles Qualifiers: Who’s moving on to the City Finals

33 Ninjas are the first to advance into the City Finals.

Zuri Hall says first season has been ‘baptism by fire’ and ‘I would gladly choose this’

We checked in with the show’s new sideline reporter throughout her first season.

Power Tower changes gameplay with pass to National Finals and a chance to re-do a stage

Ninjas can now race for a pass to the National Finals and a chance to re-do Stage One or Two.

The Mega Wall returns, but with significant new rules

Ninjas will need to weigh the pros and cons to make their decision.

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