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Season 11 finale recap: Your new American Ninja Warrior Champion has arrived!

21 Ninjas were quickly down to two for an unforgettable climb-off.

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American Ninja Warrior Champion Drew Drechsel breaks down his season

He’s the guest on this season’s finale of the American Ninja Warrior podcast.

Daniel Gil closes out his year, ‘I got there once... I believe that I’ll get there again.’

Becoming an American Ninja Warrior Champion was almost in his grasp.

Read Drew Drechsel’s first interview as American Ninja Warrior’s Champion

After nine years and a LOT of work, he’s $1 million richer!

National Finals Stages Three and Four: Full results and all competitors

Thought 21 Ninjas was too many? The number dropped REAL fast.

American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Design Challenge

You could see your design come to life and head to Universal Studios Hollywood to experience the new epic adventure Jurassic World - The Ride.

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You can watch the last moments of the American Ninja Warrior finale on YouTube

The final run or runs will be live on YouTube right after they air on the East Coast.

Preview photos from the American Ninja Warrior Finale

Does one of these photos show the Season 11 champion?

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: Season 11 Finale - National Finals, Stages Three & Four

A record-breaking 21 Ninjas will take on Stage Three!

Take a first look at a brutal Stage Three with this preview of Michael Torres’ run

This thing is not going to take prisoners.

Mathis ‘Kid’ Owhadi looked shaken, but not distracted, on his second run

He was more cautious after his first fall on Stage Two.

Michael Torres has been perfect from City Finals to Stage Two

Will the streak stay alive for Stage Three?

Joe Moravsky looks back the Angry Birds and ahead to how he wants to end the season

He went into Vegas with zero buzzers, and now has two under his belt.

Matt Iseman and Sandy Zimmerman stop by the Kelly Clarkson Show

So when is it Kelly’s turn on Matt’s show?

Nate Burkhalter checks off all his goals in Vegas, regardless of food poisoning

He soldiered through Stage Two under some awful circumstances.

Daniel Gil on his season, what brought him to Ninja, and what the next generation means to him

He’s this week’s guest on the American Ninja Warrior podcast

Tyler Smith’s third season sends him to Stage Three

He finally had a chance to show off his skills.

Josh Salinas made some accurate predictions about Stage Three

He saw himself, and a lot of other Ninjas, making it there.

Watch Drew Drechsel blow off some steam on Stage Two

He gave us a rare, light-hearted moment.

Watch Daniel Gil’s Stage Two run

Did he even break a sweat?

National Finals Stage Two recap: Historic night gave us MUCH more to love

The Ninjas had Stage Two’s number from the jump.

National Finals: Stage Two finishers

This list is a lot, LOT longer than we thought it would be.

National Finals Stage Two: Full results and all competitors

Stage Three better watch out.

How to Watch American Ninja Warrior: The National Finals - Stage Two

Twenty-eight Ninjas will give it everything they have tonight.

We can’t get enough of these Stage Two previews!

28 Ninjas, and three Stages of the National Finals remain. Learn more about the episode that will air tonight.

Flip Rodriguez had a heart-breaking run on Stage Two

There’s no doubting that he put everything he had into this.

Stage Two brings us the new Grim Sweeper

The new obstacle is designed to disorient the competitors as the clock ticks down.

American Ninja Warrior is now casting for season 12

Get those submissions in ASAP!

Sixth time’s a charm... Perseverance paid off for Karsten Williams

Going to the National Finals is nothing new for Karsten Williams. However, hitting a Stage One buzzer was a much anticipated first!

Seth Rogers’ rookie season rolls on after Stage One buzzer

He’s competing alongside those that he’s watched on the show for years.

Drew Drechsel makes his Stage Two obstacle predictions

Putting the fall on Stage One behind him, he’s looking ahead to what might come next.

Casey Suchocki on his ‘bittersweet’ path to the National Finals

After a close call in Atlanta, he’s heading on to Stage Two.

Jessie Graff breaks down her season on the American Ninja Warrior podcast

Listen in as she walks us through the highs and lows of her return to Ninja Warrior.

Mathis “Kid” Owhadi on the National Finals, ‘It’s just a matter of putting it together, and then anything can happen’

He’s still in the running to take it all this season.

Ethan Swanson flies to Stage Two

He’s on a heck of a hot streak this season.

American Ninja Warrior nominated for two 2019 Emmys

The show is nominated in the category of Outstanding Competition Show.

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