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The pros shared must-read advice for every Ninja Warrior rookie

If season 13 is your first year on American Ninja Warrior, you need to read this.

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Season 12’s final eight have barely changed since their rookie years

We thought this would be a lot more dramatic than it actually was.

Daniel Gil and Adam Rayl’s Power Tower race was the fan-favorite

By a narrow margin, their race won our poll.

Poll indicates that Ninja Warrior fans prefer the Mega Wall’s original rules

The results of our poll indicated the fans prefer just one shot at the Mega Wall.

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American Ninja Warrior selects families for a brand new competition

The show has cast the families for a new competition special.

What is the one thing you would ask a Ninja right after their run?

You have five minutes and one question to ask. What is it?

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The Latest

Absolutely no one failed the Warped Wall in season 12

Is this the easiest obstacle, or is it all in how you look at it?

Do you see any patterns in the fluctuating numbers of the National Finals?

We’re looking at initial attempts versus completion rates to better understand the National Finals.

Which Power Tower playoff race was your favorite?

They all could take the top spot!

Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior will return to Los Angeles for the Semifinals

The Ninjas who advance from Seattle/Tacoma will then move on to the Universal Studios backlot.

Casting is now open for season three of American Ninja Warrior Junior

You have until April 30th to send in your child’s application.

Nine reader-suggested runs to perk up your day

These are the runs that make you, the readers, happy.

American Ninja Warrior announces season 13 details, including the first taping location

The show will return to the Tacoma Dome.

Which rules should the Mega Wall use in season 13?

We’ve seen a couple of different versions. Which do you prefer?

Yes, casting calls for season 13 are still underway

On Sunday, the phones started ringing again.

Five Ninja Warrior runs that never fail to cheer us up

Got a case of the Mondays? We’ve got a solution.

Eight years of the National Finals by the numbers

Every course completion from every year in Las Vegas.

American Ninja Warrior Junior competitors head to the big stage for season 13

Many former ANW Jr competitors have received the call to take part in season 13 of American Ninja Warrior.

Ethan Swanson ranked 47 of American Ninja Warrior’s obstacles

Yes, the Rolling Log came in last place.

Which Ninja had the most underrated run of season 12?

Sure, we all appreciate the big hits, but who low-key impressed you?

The numbers prove Stage One is a litmus test of Ninja success

Only three Ninjas cleared season 11’s Stage One on their first career attempt.

Grant McCartney’s ice swim sparks some serious primal fear

So much nope.

The seven hardest obstacles of season 12

These obstacles caused the most damage in St. Louis.

28 of our favorite photos from season 12

Together, these moments help tell the story of the season

No one knows more about love than the Ninja Warriors

So many heart-hands!

Ninja Warrior fans are split over the Safety Pass

Nope. We don’t know who won the debate.

What have Zuri, Matt, and Akbar been up to since season 12?

We miss them. So we checked in.

Videos of ‘The Call’ are simply the best

There’s nothing better than watching someone’s dream come true.

We took a closer look at the ‘underdogs’ you suggested

These Ninjas have the community in their corners!

Jessie Graff announced that she will “sit it out” this season

The athlete shared a video to clarify that she has not finished her surgery rehabilitation and will not take part in season 13.

Is there really a school named after Jake Murray?

We investigated!

Patrick Mahomes is the winner of our Ninja Warrior poll

He didn’t win the Super Bowl, but he did beat Tom Brady in our poll!

18 Ninjas have cleared the Mega Wall in three seasons

How many clears will we see in season 13?

Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior to include teen competitors

The show will include a select group of 15 to 18-year-old athletes.

American Ninja Warrior Junior nominated for a 2021 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

The show was nominated in the category of Favorite Reality Show.

Let’s dissect the details of the season 13 announcement

We have some small tidbits to chew on, and we’re going to do it!

Worried about the teenagers taking on Ninja Warrior this season? Don’t be.

Oh, they can handle it. Here’s an example.

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