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Jesse Labreck finished the Finals course and is currently in position for the Power Tower playoffs

"It’s always better the second time because it feels like you really earned it. It wasn’t a fluke."

Austin Gray is ready for the Power Tower: ‘If I just do what I’m capable of, I’ll be in the top eight.’

Watch Austin’s Finals run and read what he has to say about his season.

Can you guess which Ninja is behind the Peacock?

Take a look at the evidence and leave us your guess!

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American Ninja Warrior season 12 recap: Night one of Finals

16 of the 27 Finalists stepped up to the course.

5 things you should know about Flip Rodriguez’s season

We don’t know if he’ll remain in the top eight, but he’s fighting through this season.

American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Design Challenge

Your idea could change Ninja Warrior history.

The Latest

Meet Jessica Helmer, the Bunny Ninja

The rookie just got into Ninja two years ago and is using her platform to raise awareness for an often misunderstood pet.

ANW Power Couple: Jesse Labreck and Chris DiGangi both made Finals in season 12

They may have postponed their wedding due to COVID-19, but the couple isn’t letting the pandemic get in the way of their Ninja goals.

Night one of Finals: Current leaderboard

This is the current top eight. It may change with next week’s results.

Season 12 complete results: Night one of the Finals

Only 4 Ninjas were able to complete the brutal course.

Watch Sandy Zimmerman’s Finals run

The mom of three had a strong season that came to an end on a brand new obstacle.

Here are the four women who made it to the Finals in Season 12

Congrats to Jesse Labreck, Sandy Zimmerman, Jessie Graff, and Jeri D’Aurelio!

Full list of American Ninja Warrior’s season 12 Finalists

27 Ninjas will take on the Finals course with eight advancing to the Power Tower.

Preview of Najee Richardson’s run teases a brutal Finals course

This thing is... Yikes.

Watch Amir Malik fight to the very end during his Semi-Finals run

You can’t get much closer to the buzzer!

Joe Moravsky is heading to the Finals and says, ‘It’s going to be really hard to beat me’

He’s not pulling any punches this season.

Najee Richardson’s new outlook on Ninja Warrior has changed the game for him

"I think this season for me is just about truly soaking in the experience and just being present in everything that I’m doing and not getting so wrapped up in the competition and what I want to happen."

Lance Pekus on learning from mistakes and getting back to his childhood dream

"So just learning from my mistakes each year, hopefully coming back stronger, better, smarter."

Jeri D’Aurelio’s joyful run concealed a balancing act behind the scenes

She’s running the course one minute, and running to court the next.

Watch Jessie Graff’s full Semi-Finals run

For her, nothing less than the buzzer is enough.

Will Schlageter wanted to make the most of every moment in his long-awaited rookie year

"I want to win. I want to beat this course. I want to hit that buzzer and I want to prove myself."

American Ninja Warrior season 12 recap: Night two of Semi-Finals

A lot of joy. A lot of heartbreak. And just like that, the Semi-Finals are over.

Devin Harrelson refuses to quit on the course

He was SO close to qualifying for the Finals!

Night two of Semi-Finals: Leaderboard

Our last 13 Ninjas heading to the Finals!

Season 12 complete results: Night two of Semi-Finals

Corkscrew claims the title of the Semi-Finals Ninja killer.

This artist is retelling Season 12 through his amazing creations

We can’t wait to see what comes next from The Art of Ninja!

Grant McCartney, JJ Woods, and Ethan Swanson imagine life without Ninja

They answered an "alternate universe" question for us.

Night two of the Semi-Finals will have a loaded field of Ninjas

Making the top 12 with a group this talented will be challenge all its own.

American Ninja Warrior is moving to Wednesday nights at 9pm

The next episode will air Wednesday, October 21 at 9pm EST/PST.

Preview Amir Malik’s Semi-Finals run

This rookie is making a name for himself this season.

Donovan Metoyer set out to prove himself - with style

After two seasons away, he set out to make a lasting impression.

Is Jake Murray unstoppable this season?

It seems like nothing can slow this guy down.

Watch Jesse Labreck become a season 12 Finalist

She’ll be back on the 10-obstacle course in a few weeks.

Tyler Gillett on competing in a very different type of season: ‘This year, I want to push my limits.’

A new format and a new motivation have set Tyler up for a year unlike any other.

Corkscrew is season 11’s Obstacle Design Challenge winner!

The obstacle was created by Ninja Josh Norton.

Take a closer look at Season 12’s competition format

There will be changes from what we’re used to seeing when it comes to how the Ninjas advance.

Learn more about the Ninjas For Black Lives initiative

The group has a big goal and a plan to take positive steps.

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