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American Ninja Warrior will return on August 9, after the Olympic games

You can catch Matt and Akabar as the hosts of ‘Tokyo LIVE’ in the meantime!

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Tiana Webberley looks to join the ‘Stage One Club’

"Buzzers are our baseline."

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Isabella Wakeham has a spot in the National Finals and Ninja Warrior’s future

Twice in a row, she’s been one obstacle away from the buzzer.

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Daniel Gil understood the Power Tower risks: ‘If I give him an inch, he’s going to take a mile’.

Daniel’s loss to Brian Burkhardt was shocking to the viewers, but Daniel was prepared.

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Max Feinberg’s run proves the teens will be top contenders at the National Finals

One of only four finishers, Max leads the teens to the next round of the competition.

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American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Design Challenge

Your place in Ninja Warrior history awaits.

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Jody Avila’s candid thoughts on his ‘rough’ Semifinals experience

"This has been a very weird season for me that had me second-guessing a lot of things."

Tracking the ‘Split Decisions’ of the Semifinals

Who picked balance? Who picked upper body? And who made it through?

American Ninja Warrior season 13 recap: Night one of Semifinals

The next round of competition ups the ante.

Night one of Semifinals: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

Your first National Finalists are here!

Season 13 complete results: Night one of Semifinals

Split Decision offered two very confounding choices.

Preview pictures tease the excitement of the Semifinals’ first night

There’s so much to look forward to tonight!

Tiana Webberley gives us our first look at the Semifinals

This video gives us a look at the first five obstacles of the Semifinals course.

Kai Beckstrand has his sights set on Vegas after racing to the buzzer

With the fastest time of the night and his dad beside him, he’s off to the Semifinals.

Jesse Labreck heads to the Semifinals with another buzzer under her belt

Her record is up to seven buzzers and she’s eyeing the extended course next.

Cal Plohoros has very specific, practical goals for this season

The 15-year-old may have played around with his coach, Flip, but he’s serious about this season.

Kyle Schulze’s run was the very definition of determination

His goal was to do his best, and his shoulder injury wasn’t going to impede that.

Flip Rodriguez on the upcoming Semifinals: ‘I’m either going to Vegas with the Safety Pass or not at all.’

With a wave of positivity behind him, he wants the top time in Semifinals.

American Ninja Warrior season 13 recap: The final night of Qualifiers

It was an emotional end to the first round of competition.

Did Leif Sundburg’s ‘dad-strength’ save that outrageous run?

We have one question about his run. HOW?!?

The final night of Qualifiers: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

This list rounds out our batch of Semifinalists.

Season 13 complete results: Night five of Qualifiers

Double Down slashed the field of competitors once again.

Our final first look at the season 13 Qualifiers

Here’s a small sample of tonight’s competitors.

Make your own ‘Split Decision’ choices

Are you going left or right?

Who had the fastest finish of the Qualifiers?

Now that all five Qualifying episodes have aired, who’s the fastest of the fast?

Seven remarkable moments from the Qualifiers

This season is giving us emotional whiplash.

Poll: Which new obstacle is your favorite?

We’ve seen seven new obstacles so far this season. Which one do you like the most?

Top 5 most-watched Ninja Warrior runs of the season (so far)

These runs are a snapshot of the season’s highlights.

American Ninja Warrior’s age limit is an endlessly debatable topic

Our poll indicated that there’s no clear answer to the question of which ages should be on the show.

Air Surfer was designed by a 14-year-old fan

Jennie’s design was selected as the 2020 Obstacle Design Challenge winner.

There is no American Ninja Warrior on Monday, July 5

The final night of the Qualifiers will air on Monday, July 12 at 8 pm

Meagan Martin on her Qualifying buzzer: ‘It felt like pure happiness.’

Exhausted and coming off an injury, Meagan dug deep to become the first woman of the season to complete a course.

Caiden Madzelan says there’s ‘no reason for me to have doubt or fear’ on the course

The 15-year-old competitor has the confidence and skills of someone much older.

Is Jake Murray still fast? Oh yeah.

After dominating the season 12 leaderboards, Jake was back in action.

“Mentally, I was stronger than ever.’ Nate Hansen reflects on his Qualifying run

He’s back for more buzzers this season.

Jay Lewis’ years of hard work made that run look easy

The 17-year-old is off to the Semifinals.

Moving into the Semifinals, Abby Clark has her sights set on Vegas.

"I want to go to Vegas. I feel like I am capable of doing it. It’s just putting it all together in that one moment."

Former-NFL player Andrew East had a completely respectable Ninja Warrior run

His wife, Olympian Shawn Johnson was extra nervous, but hey, that wasn’t so bad!