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Looking for a Ninja gym or competition near you?

We’ve found two great resources!

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Ever-supportive ANW fans show their support by sporting Ninjas’ unique logos

T-shirts are a popular way to show the world your Ninja love!

Ninjas love a good hard challenge

We’ve come to expect amazing challenges from Ninjas, but these are extra amazing!

POLL RESULTS: Who could be the next American Ninja Warrior Champion?

The results were split!

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Get to know Sandy Zimmerman, the first mom in ANW history to hit a buzzer

Jonathan Horton has a new book coming out this week

You can order it now.

The Latest

#MotivationMonday: An inspiring message on failure from Travis Rosen

POLL: Who could be the next American Ninja Warrior Champion?

Tell us who you think could make it to the top of Mt. Midoriyama in season 12!

Maggi Thorne on her Traumatic Brain Injury and making the decision to leave ANW

"On the morning of September 11th of this year, the day after my TBI rehab was extended a third time, I called the producers to let them know I was not coming back for season 12."

Drew Drechsel is a dad!

Welcome to the world, Korey Kade.

7 ANW Junior finishes that were almost too close to call!

Watch Michelle Warnky’s first submission video from season 5

Get to know Michelle’s family, her time abroad, and how she got into Ninja.

Get a first look at American Ninja Warrior Junior season 2

Jody Avila hosted his 3rd annual Big Dog Ninja Challenge last weekend

Barclay Stockett, Daniel Gil, RJ Roman, and Josh Salinas were among the competitors.

Nick Hanson offers inspiration to American Ninja Warrior hopefuls 

Nick’s season 7 submission video was authentically him

What makes a good Ninja shoe?

Even those of us who aren’t Ninjas know how important it is to be sure-footed on the course.

Need a break from Black Friday shopping? Watch these episodes from ANW season 11

Or binge the whole season if you’re holding out for Cyber Monday.

Ninjas send turkey day tributes, expressing their thankfulness

Family is at the top of their thankful list

Both new and OG Ninjas participated in the #10YearChallenge

A lot changes in 10 years!

Test your family members this Thanksgiving with some ANW trivia

#TrainingTuesday: Get Ninja abs with Tiana Webberley

Try a few of these ab exercises with Sweet T.

Happy National Cake Day!

David Wright explains how his love of cake fits perfectly into his Ninja life.

Every Ninja needs a training group

Nick Hanson is proof!

The Maker Ninja answers fan questions about his favorite obstacle and what’s next

Ninjas Making a Difference: Nate Burkhalter

This series will highlight a Ninja each week who is making a difference in their community.

Happy Friday – the day when Ninjas proudly post their Ninja fails!

Failure is hard, but Ninjas know the benefits.

American Ninja Warrior applications for season 12 are rolling in!

Applications are due December 6 @ 11:59(PST)

#ThrowbackThursday: Watch Jessie Graff’s first submission video

If you’ve ever wanted to see a montage of Jessie as a stuntwoman, this is it.

Get stronger with these full-body workouts from Ninja Natalie

Sean Bryan introduced a motion sensor activated obstacle at his Ninja gym last month

The obstacle got rave reviews from the Ninjas!

Got a need for speed? Watch these Power Tower match-ups from ANW season 11

We saw some interesting match-ups on the Power Tower this season.

Training for American Ninja Warrior? Try these tips from Tyler Gillett

When fans had the opportunity to ask Tyler some questions, many of them were about training. Here are a few of his answers.

A group of Ninjas from the U.S. competed on Ninja Warrior Germany’s Four Nations Special - and won!

Including the two ANW Champions, Drew Drechsel and Isaac Caldiero.

#MotivationMonday: Tiana Webberley’s amazing comeback in season 11

Adam Rayl and Olivia Vivian came out victorious at the Colorado Ninja Challenge

It was a month-long competition at historic Bromley Farms.

Brian Kretsch puts out a new Ninja Challenge

Do you have what it takes to complete this challenge every day?

Let us count the ways American Ninja Warriors inspire their fans

From the fans