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It’s Matt Iseman’s birthday so we sorted through hundreds of photos of him

What would the show even be without him?

David Campbell was forced to place a bet and he won the jackpot

When an obstacle was ready to end his season, the veteran used all his experience to calculate his options and make a choice.

Five things that have literally been left behind on the course

We talk about "leaving it all" on the course. But some Ninjas leave even a little more...

Amir Malik very definitely broke that buzzer during his premier run

Like, he really, REALLY broke it.

Sam Sann made every moment matter at the Houston City Finals

This run didn’t have any jaw-dropping moves. It had dozens of small decisions adding up to something monumental.

Jessie Graff’s Daytona City Finals run is a master class in making the ‘right choice’ in the moment

The right choice isn’t be the same for every competitor.

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Kid Owhadi and Daniel Gil have a ‘Kinda Nice’ podcast

The Ninja Warriors decided to start up a podcast for the two of them to discuss whatever they’d like.

We dug up American Ninja Warrior’s very first Instagram post

It’s like opening a time capsule!

What American Ninja Warrior firsts are you waiting to see?

We’ve seen a lot of accomplishments on the show, but there’s still more to come!

You can’t watch Najee Richardson’s first run and that’s important to his story

From a completely unremarkable start rose one of the sport’s best competitors.

5 things that happened the last time Ninja Warrior was in Baltimore

Should that trip be the LAST time the show tapes in Baltimore?

Which obstacles do you hope we’ve seen the last of on the course?

From any season of the show, which obstacles do you never want to see again?

Kevin Bull’s first City Finals made him an instant legend

His Cannonball Alley move launched him to instant Ninja Warrior stardom.

Daniel Gil’s first and last (most recent) runs prove his consistency

Compare his rookie debut to his championship run. He’s wildly successful in both.

American Ninja Warrior was born on December 12, 2009

That’s the premiere date of the show’s first season.

Jamie Rahn’s shoeless run is so good that we broke it down obstacle by obstacle

How did he not stub his toes even once?

We’d watch all the Ninja Warrior specials you suggested

We asked for your ideas and you came through big time!

You can now watch Meagan Martin’s frustrating Semi-Finals run

To quote Akbar, "Ffffff...ARGH!"

Mega Wall or Warped Wall? The Ninja Warriors weigh in.

A fun question on Instagram prompted some interesting responses.

Let’s manifest the 2021 Ninja Warrior accomplishments we want to see

What do you want to see happen in 2021?

Apply now to the first-ever American Ninja Warrior family competition

Who will be the reigning relatives of Ninja Warrior?

Season 12’s top 5 most shocking moments

These are the runs that left you gobsmacked.

We knew Jessie Graff was a Wonder Woman. Now we have proof.

Gal Gadot confirmed that Jessie was one of her stunt doubles in the new ‘Wonder Woman 1984.’

We have new details on the family special’s format

The relay-style competition will include a trip to the Power Tower.

Just imagine if we could see these Ninja teams on the family competition

Isn’t the Ninja community one big family anyway?

How close was the race between Daniel Gil and Austin Gray? THIS close.

Their championship race should be watched in slow motion to be properly appreciated.

It’s always Ninja Warrior season with this 2021 calendar

Profits from the calendar go to Project Fit America.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is almost here and it’s a shining moment for Jessie Graff

Congratulations, Jessie! We’re so darn happy for you!

Breaking down the moment we all knew Jesse Labreck would be a legend

We walk through her Philadelphia City Finals run moment by moment.

We just felt like showing some love for the Warped Wall

Long live the most iconic obstacle!

Ever wondered what American Ninja Warrior would look like as an animated film?

Michael_Learns_Art creates incredible Ninja Warrior fan art.

Nick Hanson and Joanne Semaken are engaged!

We’re not the only ones excited by the news!

American Ninja Warrior has new individual runs up on YouTube

They’re not never-before-seen, but they are fun to revisit!

Fan-favorite Ninjas waited until the last second to apply to season 13

Hey, at least they got it in on time!

Akbar’s top five moments from season 12

The host reveals the moments that turned into memories for him.

Sandy Zimmerman shares where she finds purpose outside of Ninja Warrior

She’s been teaching for 21 years and she still loves it.

Flip Rodriguez’s season 13 application is all about the ‘FlipFam’

It’s his mission to encourage an open dialogue.

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