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Is season 12 of American Ninja Warrior canceled? No.

A statement from the producers of the show.

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American Ninja Warrior live streams that will help keep your kids busy and active

Take a moment for yourself and let the kids chat with a Ninja!

Tyler Humphrey shared the long, winding road that leads to American Ninja Warrior

His story illustrates that it’s not a one step process.

5 Ninja Warrior videos to watch if you need to calm down for a second

Whatever you’re feeling, it’s okay.

Trevor West’s six tips for Ninja Warrior training at home

No gym? No problem.

In challenging times, Ninjas give out more challenges! 

Fun ones, of course!

The Latest

Ninja Warriors shared the very relatable advice they’d give to their younger selves

Here’s what they wish they had known.

Ninja Warriors, what are your go-to recipes?

Elliott Jolivette is looking to put together a Ninja Warrior cookbook.

American Ninja Warrior season two: Results of episode six

These athletes never gave up, creating some of the best match ups so far.

8 Movies to inspire your young Ninja (and keep them from going stir crazy!)

Here are a few of the best action movies to inspire your little Ninja once gyms open back up again.

15 things we learned from the OG Ninja live-stream

Brian Kretsch set up a session with Lorin Ball, David Campbell, and Ryan Stratis.

Founder of ‘Overcoming Obstacles: Adaptive Ninja & Climbing’ brings the sport to every child

Tegan Roobol is expanding access to Ninja beyond what some imagined to be possible.

Step-by-step directions to build a Ninja Warrior Lego course

The Brick Ninja breaks down a five-day project.

American Ninja Warrior workouts to do at home with your family

You don’t have to push pause on your Ninja dreams!

What has Zuri Hall been up to in the offseason?

Hint: She’s been busy!

We can always count on Roo Yori, the K9 Ninja, to help the dogs

And we love him for that!

American Ninja Warrior Junior season two: Results of episode five

Could we already have new wildcard leaders?

Let Matt Iseman read you a bedtime story... American Ninja Warrior-style

Thank you, Matt. We needed that laugh.

St. Louis taping of American Ninja Warrior is postponed

The city was intended to be the last qualifying region of season 12.

Chad Flexington’s surprisingly romantic origin story

So much attitude... and a lot of heart.

The Ninja Warrior community organizes live streams to entertain kids at home

We’re all in this together!

American Ninja Warrior Junior moves to Fridays at 6 pm

The schedule change starts Friday, March 20.

American Ninja Warrior postpones Washington, D.C. taping

The news comes a few days after the postponement of the Los Angeles taping.

American Ninja Warrior nominated for six 2020 Reality TV Awards

American Ninja Warrior Junior received two nominations.

Watch full episodes of American Ninja Warrior: All your options

Missed an episode? Just need to see it again? We’ve got you covered.

The Los Angeles taping of American Ninja Warrior is postponed

More details will be released in the coming weeks.

Akbar can’t wait to see ‘what else will they throw at me this year’

Whether it’s eating bugs or competing with Matt, Akbar is ready for it!

After more than a decade of Ninja Warrior, Matt Iseman still has a lot to look forward to

He’ll return to the host tower for his 11th year!

The American Ninja Warrior glossary: Round three

Help us build out this list. It could be never-ending...

Every day is a great day to celebrate the women of American Ninja Warrior

Their accomplishments are unmistakable.

Please enjoy these magnificent Ninja Warrior babies

Give us all the baby pics.

How do competitors advance on American Ninja Warrior?

Here’s a breakdown on the basic progression through the show.

The American Ninja Warrior National Finals: An explainer

Breaking down the four stages of the show’s finale episodes.

American Ninja Warrior’s rules advance more women to the City and National Finals

The shift guarantees slots for Ninja Warrior women in further rounds of competition.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes scoop on Ninja Warrior’s move indoors

We spoke with Kristen Stabile, the show’s Executive in Charge of Production.

8 things we learned about what it takes to bring Ninja Warrior’s crew together

Travel manager Nicole Christo brings the crew together in each city.

Cities announced for season 12 of American Ninja Warrior!

Filming will start this spring!

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