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75-feet turned the USA vs The World competition on its head

Team USA led in points through the night.

Team Australia’s captain, Olivia Vivian, reflects on the twists of USA vs The World

Olivia led her team to victory with a smart strategy.

Adam Rayl on the USA vs The World competition: ‘I had to give it everything I had’

He took on the daunting task of challenging Australia during the final stage.

Ninja Warrior Champion Drew Drechsel is back on Stage Three

Only he and Daniel Gil defeated the course in season 11.

Get to Know the Ninja Warriors of Team Europe

These Ninjas have done everything from Cirque du Soliel to Freeride Skiing to being the lead singer in a band.

Meet the 6 veteran Ninjas representing Team USA

You should recognize these faces!

The Latest

Cities announced for season 12 of American Ninja Warrior!

Filming will start this spring!

The positive spirit of Ninja is alive and well in the next generation

We love the Ninja community!

Watch these super fast runs from American Ninja Warrior Junior

This kids are getting after it!

Abel Gonzalez helps kids “gain knowledge and experience in movement and mindset to awaken the warrior within.”


Drew Drechsel felt confident going into season 11

"...there should be no reason I can’t physically hit all four buzzers in the Las Vegas finals."

When Ninjas get together, training gets creative

Ninjas love to workout together and the result is great!

#ThrowbackThursday: Watch Grant McCartney’s season 7 submission video

How veteran Ninjas cope with failure after the cameras turn off

"I think processing failure is hard." -Meagan Martin

Who is faster — the Ninja dad or the Ninja son?

Watch the Beckstrands race on their home course.

20 Days of Giveaways from Travis Rosen

Two winners have been randomly chosen...18 left to go!

#TrainingTuesday: These 3 exercises are not for the faint of heart (but will make you a stronger Ninja!)

Mix up your workout with these gems.

This Ninja isn’t letting a foot injury slow him down

Nelson Thachuk is staying positive through his healing process.

#MondayMotivation: Watch out for these young Ninjas!

These kids are putting in the work!

Ninjas keep life entertaining while staying strong

They definitely know how to make exercise fun!

5 times Jesse Labreck inspired us (outside of the ANW course)

There’s a good reason we didn’t see Rachael Goldstein in season 11

She’s hoping to be back for season 12!

#ThrowbackThursday: Watch Mathis “The Kid” Owhadi’s season 10 submission video

The Kid has been pretty impressive in his first two seasons.

The Ninja community rallied for one of its own when Mike Cook got in a serious car accident

Thankfully he’s on the road to recovery.

American Ninja Warrior Junior returns on February 22 at 7 p.m. ET/PT

Season 2 is almost here!

Michelle Warnky and Joel Buurma got married last weekend!

There were several well-dressed Ninjas in attendance.

Junior Ninjas challenge Ninja Super Fans and the results are hilarious

These aren’t your typical Ninja obstacles...

If you could change one rule on American Ninja Warrior, what would it be?

Follow these 5 Instagram accounts for some #MondayMotivation

Happy first Monday of 2020!

Ninjas Making a Difference: Nick Hanson

This series highlights Ninjas who are making a difference in their community.

Theses Ninjas have goals for 2020

Ninja goals, fitness goals, career goals, social life goals...all sorts of goals!

Ninjas reflect on the accomplishments, adventures, and love they experienced in 2019

Overall, it was a good year for the Ninjas.

This pup got more than 1.2 million views of his backyard Ninja skills

Nice work, Johnny!

6 Must-Read Ninja articles from 2019

Waiting for NYE? Here are a few ways to pass some time.

Meet your 2020 Ninja goals with these training videos from Drew Drechsel

Check out these tips from one of the top Ninjas!

What are your Ninja resolutions for 2020?

It’s almost a new year and a new decade! What are you planning for 2020?

Watch this video for the funniest comments from Matt and Akbar on ANW Junior

We love these two!

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