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Ninja Warrior veterans have started applying to be on season 11

Even the fan-favorites have to send in a video.

Akbar challenged Dwayne Johnson to Ninja Warrior. The Rock said ‘Oh, he’s not ready for that.’

Don’t hold your breath.

Is this a list of every Ninja Warrior nickname?

Updated to 128 names!

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American Ninja Warrior Junior: Results of episode six

Big name Ninjas had their students in play.

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Barclay Stockett taught me a vital lesson about expectations

In just a few words, she captured years of experience and growth.

Jessica Clayton on staying strong no matter what obstacle you’re handed

The mom of three has faced challenges on and off the course.

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Poll: Should the National Finals change location each season?

What if the final stages moved around, just like the Qualifying cities?

American Ninja Warrior Junior: Results of episode five

A new record time was set on the course.

American Ninja Warrior’s daughter makes her course debut

Jimmy Choi is not the only Ninja in the family.

Ninjas shared childhood pics for #ThrowbackThursday

These little kids grew into Ninja Warriors!

Everything you ever wanted to know to help you get on American Ninja Warrior

Casting Directer Angelou Deign tells you exactly how to make the perfect application video.

American Ninja Warriors made a strong showing in Australian competition

They flew thousands of miles to take part in the Ninja Challenge League Finals.

What’s it like to be a Ninja Warrior for a decade?

10-time competitors Brian Kretsch and David Campbell take a look back at the experience.

How a flight with Selena Laniel calmed my flying nerves

Looking back on special memories from traveling with the show.

Ninja Challenge added to the State Games of America

Ninja as a sport continues to grow off-camera.

Should the “Last Ninja Standing” automatically advance in the next season?

Take our poll and share your opinion!

American Ninja Warrior Junior: Results of episode four

This episode included some heart-racing finishes!

Jon Stewart on season 10: ‘This year, I feel better than I have the past 56 years.’

Jon talks about the mental game that keeps him a contender on the course.

Ninja Warrior fan art is just wonderful

These projects are all creative, expressive, and great!

This family was almost an entire Ninja Warrior course for Halloween

They were a four-piece set!

Check out these Ninja Warrior Halloween Costumes

The Halloween Ninjas are here and we couldn’t be more excited!

Which Ninja has the best Halloween costume?

There’s some stiff competition in the creativity department!

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Why Ninja Warrior training is an incredible workout

One fan details out why they think Ninja Warrior training is here to stay.

Which Ninja Warrior obstacle would you banish?

Wave a magic wand at the obstacle you hate the most.

The top times at this Ninja competition are bafflingly fast

The Colorado Ninja Challenge wrapped up with some big shifts in the leaderboard.

American Ninja Warrior Junior: Results of episode three

The episode aired on Saturday, October 27.

Please watch this VERY good dog hit the buzzer on his Ninja course

His dad, Ninja Roo Yori, raised money for rescue dogs during season 10.

Forget ghosts, American Ninja Warrior can be terrifying

When you really think about, this is the stuff of nightmares.

Five American Ninja Warrior podcasts you should be listening to

They totally understand your need for more Ninja Warrior in your life.

Which season 10 Ninja would you give a do-over?

Let’s pretend we have some power over the past.

American Ninja Warrior’s top 10 most watched runs

Admit it, how many of these views are yours?

Look back at season 10

From the fans

Legendary Runs

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 1-4

Walk through the early seasons with the executive producers.

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 5-7

The executive producers reflect back on two of the biggest moments in ANW history.

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 8-10

The team behind the show talk about the latest generation of competitors and ANW’s future.