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In case you needed a reminder of the talent on Team USA

Five fan-favorite athletes will take on the global competition.

USA vs The World will air on January 27

This year’s competition features a new country and women on each team!

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Get to know the Ninja Warriors of Team Australia

All of them are stars from Australian Ninja Warrior.

Meet the Ninjas of the all new Team Europe

The team has representatives from three different countries.

The #10YearChallenge, Ninja Warrior style

Look at how much they’ve changed!

Sarah Schoback wants moms to know they can be Ninjas too

She’s inspiring other busy mothers to believe they can start training.

The Latest

We have questions about this stunt from Jake Murray and Grant McCartney

Someone please explain this to us.

Here’s a Ninja workout you can do right now with zero equipment

Sarah Schoback shares one of the workouts she has written for busy parents.

Here are your top Ninja Warriors, voted on by you

The results were wide and varied.

Five Ninja Warrior things to look forward to in 2019

The coming year will be packed with Ninja Warrior goodness

Poll: Which daring Ninja-save is your favorite?

Flip Rodriguez and Drew Drechsel both pulled off show-stopping saves.

American Ninja Warrior nominated for a Directors Guild of America award

Director Patrick McManus was nominated for his work on the Miami City Qualifiers.

Kyle Soderman brings his Ninja Warrior passion to LA while waiting for his shot

He’s a well-known competitor, although he still hasn’t stepped on the American Ninja Warrior course.

A bot is generating Ninja Warrior names and it’s hilarious

It’s also pretty accurate.

Flip Rodriguez shared his submission video and it’s got us thinking

Flip’s mask is back on and it could mean a few things.

Jessie Graff had the most adorable reunion with Sammo Hog

They’ve been apart for 10 months while Jessie was filming.

Which city should Ninja Warrior visit this year?

There will be at least one new city visited for season 11.

Here are the Ninjas currently leading the NNL Pro Division

The top five men and women in the Pro Division of the National Ninja League.

Tyler Yamauchi practices the art of balance on and off the course

Father, physical therapist, coach, and elite Ninja.

5 reasons why Ninja Warrior fans should watch The Titan Games

Dwayne Johnson’s new show will deliver in some key areas related to Ninja Warrior.

Application period for season 11 of Ninja Warrior is now closed

Here are some Ninjas who cut it a little close!

Drew Drechsel’s Sasuke appearance came to a slippery end

He was disqualified during the Japanese competition.

This rap calls out 46 Ninja Warriors in under 4 minutes

It was written by Jesse Wildman as a fundraiser.

Do you have a Ninja Warrior New Year goal?

It can be big or small. Tell us about it!

Here are this year’s most beloved Ninja Warrior moments

2018 is winding to a close and we’re looking back at the Ninja action.

Josh Levin discusses the combination of skills that make up a Ninja

As the rock climber knows well, it takes much more than just strength.

After 15 videos, Ryan Stratis has advice for your Ninja Warrior application

Between the American Ninja Challenge and ANW, he has a wealth of knowledge on making an eye-catching submission.

Devin Harrelson on having fun while chasing his goals

He hasn’t hit a buzzer yet, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying the journey.

What’s your favorite Ninja Warrior moment from 2018?

Heartwarming, thrilling, or inspiring. We want to know what moment matters to you.

Would you change this ranking of the ‘top 30 Ninjas’?

It’s a pretty comprehensive video, but do you agree with all of it?

Ninja Warrior Jr is offering a chance to attend the season 11 National Finals

They’ve put together a "Watch and Win Sweepstakes."

Michael Johnson on the ‘ups and downs’ of his second season

We spoke with Michael the day before his Stage One run.

Look back at season 10

From the fans

Legendary Runs

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 1-4

Walk through the early seasons with the executive producers.

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 5-7

The executive producers reflect back on two of the biggest moments in ANW history.

The evolution of American Ninja Warrior: Seasons 8-10

The team behind the show talk about the latest generation of competitors and ANW’s future.


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